that would be the problem

google gives away free videos!

well, actually it scheds some intense light on the actual problem of Google video:

Why would you want to spend between one and five US dollars for this?

Essentially there are two broad uses for the internet:

You look for something specific for whatever reason.

You click around for entertainment.

The later mode could be compared to ‘channel flipping’ on a TV. The first one is search. And there there is everything in between. Google video satisfies neither. Video is mostly of the second kind, and youTube caters to this market way better as Google ever did or will do. They went into the video market from the corporate aspect, and they lost. They can afford to loose. But they certainly don’t have the web-midas touch. Actually most things they tried are kind of lame. If you consider that they get heaps of free PR for anything that they start, then it is kind of lame that gmail and google news are the only ones that are in wider use.

Today GOOG trades around 400 US$ which makes it worth 122 Billion US$.
Which would mean that the company is worth as much as the nominal Gross Domestic Product of either Israel, Colombia or the Tchech Republic. if I understand this Wikipedia list right.
That’s right: countries with millions of people, all they make in a year worth as much as company in Mountain View employing a couple thousand people.
I think we should rename the stock symbol to GOOF.

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