kevin smith releases directors commentary for Clerks II on iTunes

It looks as if Kevin Smith will release a directors commentary for his upcoming Clerks II movie on iTunes. The story floats around on the internet. People point ot a Times interview with him. Of course this is a great idea. It makes allot of sense. Specially for an audience like his. I did watch most of video podcasts that he had running along the production of the sequel. They vary, some are nice, others are not. He ran through his crew and asked people like the loader, script supervisor etc. what exactly they would do on a movie set. I am surprised that these posts never got any big traction on the internet. I only watched the Singer/King Kong episode from similar King Kong and Superman projects. I wonder is “Snakes on a Plane” needs one. Probably not. That movie got made by those four words. Four words can get a movie into your head. No podcasts needed.

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