four and a half hours

Over time I did subscribe to a podcast here and there. A bit of NPR, fxguide of course, Twit, Adam Curry was only worth listening to a year ago. He is long gone from the cut. Even though I try to keep the list edited I can not keep up any more. Todays download would take 4.5 hours to listen to. Easy for the shuffle, hard on me.
There is simply not enough Lawn to mow, commute (replaced by getting breakfirst rolls from the bakery), floor to vacuum in my life. And hour or two, I can squeeze in.

Of course this is just one sign of the times: Content is available in abundant supply. Ten years ago Cinefex was pretty much the only magazine covering visual effects. Quartely. Now there are lots and lots of podcasts, websites, newsletters around the same subject. Weekly.

I looked at the Millimeter Magazine website today. Interesting, yes. Couldn’t find the subscribe button. So, no, they did not make the cut. Clicked on that funny icon just to find out that they try to use flash video. What a joke! Somebody have a the mercy to explain to them that their audience is different from youTube, and that they should use quicktime.

But with all those gigabytes streaming through to my hard drive they are not worth the consideration.

Media darwinism two thousand six. Lots of content producers are in a for a surprise.

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