Around 80% of all blogcontent is spam. You probably never see it. But search engines do. And that’s what the spammer hopes for. So called Splogs try hard to look like real content. Sometimes the spammer uses buggy code. Like in this example:
Here the keywords have not been replaced. They still are called {keyword} in the text. This splog is pretty typical in many aspects: Please note the google ads. Yes, google does do business with this kind of content. They do not care. Actually google is responsible for allot of spam, since it’s adsense ads are a premiere resource of revenue for spam like this. The content in this ‘blog’ has simply been ’scraped’ aka copied or some would say ’stolen’ from legit weblogs. Easy to do. The next step in a splogers enterprise is to generate as many pages as possible and to put them into search engines. 70% of all interenet trafic gets steared by search engines. Getting only 0.01% of that can make you a rich man.
Of course the content is around a recent event. That might get you ahead of real content for a day or two. Enough to make a couple of hundred dollars in some cases. And, yes, google pays.

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