The internet is a funny place. You can make things that make no sense, and they can exist for a while. YouTube for instance. I love it as a user. By now I have given up to frown about the horrible quality. For most of the youTube content the visual aspect is secondary. Flashvideo has won the format war. For years people were writing about quicktime, windows media and real player. Looking at every move of one of these formats. Predicting this or that. Along came flash video and it was all other. No self respecting internet video site would choose something else. No pundit had seen it coming.
It looks worse than anything, and people don’t care, since it looks good enough. Apple lost this one.
YoutTube is trying to find money now. They turn to Paris Hilton. Maybe Paris’ dad sells a Hotel every Tuesday to come up with youTube’s bandwidth bill? Seriously, it might be a rude awakening for youTube to realize that they are able to recoupe 3% of their operating cost before they start loosing audience since the ads get in the way. iFilm had an alright selection, but they never became a youTube. One of the reasons were rather pesky ads.

The content that youTube will continue to be there. But I still think that youTube is a bit like Napster 1.0: Something that works really really great, but that is built on non existing conditions. Napster 1.0 ignored copyrights, and youTube ignores the fact that bandwidth costs money.

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