weird news

Maybe the people
that got canned from AOL
for the “Data Valdez” mishap found a new job to promote movies. While other AOLers dig for spammer gold. Calacanis is probably orderer to lead the shovel pack for obvious reasons.
While youTube hopes that Paris Hilton will save them it turns out that Osama was/is a Whitney Houston fan. Probably just a stunt by the CIA to get him out of his cave. The best one sofar.
not only Dell has problems with Batteries catching fire. The first Maglev trains hoverd in 1971 in Germany. But nobody wanted to buy them. Then the Chinese did. Now they are not so sure if that was such a good idea. Munich will get one eventually to connect Airport and City Center. If it should get build.

update: it seems as if the snakes in a cinema story is one of these things that wrote itself.

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