what happens to radio

Seth Godin asks what happens to Radio

Well, first of all, Radio has survived lots of new media. It has changed everytime. Radio plays did not survived radio’s struggle for survival though. Which is a real sad thing. I grew up with those little gems. No, I am not a million years old. Radio plays were a blessing of the german government funded radio stations: They just kept the same kind of program structure they always had. In the seventies we had at least three radio plays a week. Since nobody nobody listened, the authors could get away with allot of stuff. And my parents thought I would be safe if I listened to the radio. Better than TV, they thought. Little they knew.

But that is the past of Radio.

Another personal radio experience was moving to LA and therefor into the reach of KCRW in the mid ninetees. Ear opening, back then. Twelve years of radio in Munich had almost killed my interest in music before that.

KCRW however got supplanted by podcasts. It’s still a decent station, but podcasts fit what I want to hear much better. And, even if my podcast mix contains some NPR, I still prefer the leech from my shuffle: I pause as I like, resume where I left things off, and I mix my shows the way I like it.

So there is no more Radio in my life.

Somebody should start a podcast with Radio Plays though. I have an idea what to play on August 14

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