change name: no you don’t

Apple’s XCode comes free with your operating system. It allows you to compile code. But is it a decent Development API? I highly doubt so. I don’t spend 50 hours a week with it. I hope nobody has too. I wasted the last thirty minutes of my life trying to find a way to rename a project. Just giving it a new name. Not more not less. I truly sucks. This is probably not a bug, just some ridicolous user interface disaster. XCode. It truly sucks, and, isn’t that a coincidence, there is no real alternative to it.

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  1. Elmo Says:

    “fuser” command under OS/X? Do you know of any, I am trying to find a file being accessed by an application, and there seems to be no alternative out there.

  2. Administrator Says:

    lsof maybe?

  3. Duane Says:

    I’ve used Xcode, and I hate it a bit more than you do.

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