what’s wrong with flash

There is of course nothing wrong with flash. Just that I don’t want to do it.
Here are my reasons why I don’t waste any clock cycles on it.

  • It’s allot of work to learn a system like flash to do it really right. I don’t invest that kind of time into a format that is owned by one company. I would become Macromedia’s Adobes bitch if I would do so.
  • Search engines ignore flash. Since more than seventy percent of all internet traffic get directed by google and friends those sites are simply sit idle.
  • Flash content can’t be linked to. The link is to the internet what rails are to railroads. You can not directly link to a item in flash. Or if you can, nobody knows how to do that.
    All you can do is to post the link to the start page and then describe how to get where you wanted
  • Flash navigation can be made unique and creative.Imagine a car maker would make a car with a ‘creative gear box switching interface’. And, only deploy this fancy model in the rental car market.
  • I don’t have enough tatoo’s. Flash designers seem to be mostly extroverted sculptors that want to part take in this internet thing. There is nothing wrong with that, as long I don’t have to deal and compete with them.
  • money, it costs money, but hardly makes any. Hosting and the dev kit, it all costs money. No problem if you have lots. But there is a whole internet out there that starts
    free and easy and might scale nice into something of value. Flash never did that.

Of course sites like youtube, the early flickr or etsy highly use flash and are very sucessful in doing so. Of course flash is here to stay.
Just that I will not deal with it.

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  1. Bill Sewell Says:

    Actually, youtube, etsy and flickr are good examples of “web 2.0″ - using AJAX to build rich media websites. They are not considered Flash sites per se… which is a good thing. This way, they benefit from pre-existing HTML web surfing behavior AND leverage better user information display capabilities. Youtube is smart to use Flash video simply to reduce content pirating (scraping video off their site) and to enhance content linking (driving traffic BACK to their site).

  2. Daniel Says:

    … and you do not need Flash to create Flash videos… FFMpeg does a great job of this…

    Of course, if you really want to push FLV’s off your site - and avoid having your movies downloaded, use the pre-built flash player components in the latest version of Flash. That’ll take you all of an hour if you know no action script but you want to add a path argument in your page that your applet needs to pick up to load an external FLV file… and what you do for the remaing 30 evaluation days is up to you!

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