disable trackback for older posts to get rid of spam

‘trackback’ is a neat concept: You put a link in a blog post and the blogging software (wordpress in my case) will try to notify that link that there is some comment / info about it on this page.

Of course it only get’s abused by spammers. I turned active trackbacks off, so that posts get submited quicker.
Then I turned trackback as a target off in the workpress preferences under “Options” “Comments”.
This will change the default for new posts not to allow ‘pings’ which in this case seem to be synonym for trackback.

However older posts are still pingable / trackable etc. Instead of clicking 581 times on some check box I changed the
status of those past posts via mysql:

update wp_posts set ping_status = 'closed' ;

will do the trick.

2 Responses to “disable trackback for older posts to get rid of spam”

  1. Daniel Aleksandersen Says:

    You do not happen to know about any plug-ins that will do this automatically?

  2. Andreas Wacker Says:

    Lovely: I was looking for this today. Luckily I blogged about the solution back in the day.
    I had certainly forgotten.

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