Workaround Bonjour: Unknown error: 0

using launchd under OS X 10.4. I see sometimes errors:

Workaround Bonjour: Unknown error: 0

They google as being harmless, and I have not seen bad things that I could relate to them.

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  1. Jud Says:

    Not harmless in my case, it hangs the machine on startup and I cannot seem to get around it.

    I have 10.4.8 on a mac mini, and can boot single user. However, when I try to start the shell while remaining in single user, I get the bonjour workaround error and can’t get past that point. Is there a way I can edit the startup script to take out the Bonjour call completely, so that I can at least boot the gui?

    I am using all of this on a simple home network with router and cable modem.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Andreas Wacker Says:

    could it maybe be, that the bonjour-error-chatter is simply the last thing that the OS can output? Which would be a good argument for the importance ‘error message level care’: Too little and nobody knows anything. Too much and you have false connections and/or errors will ignored since there are too many.

    Sorry, that I can not be helpful here/

  3. Steven Davidson Says:

    I’ve got the same problem right now with OSX Server 10.4.8 - It would stay stuck at the Bonjour error, but now it’s giving the following error every 10-20 seconds after leaving it alone for 10-15 minutes:

    /usr/sbin/AppleFileServer: Server crashed and exited with status 11.\n

    The really wierd thing is that the underlying services (Filesharing, Mail, NAT, Webserver, etc) are all running smoothly enough. There’s a chance that DNS is not working up to par, but I’ve only got 2 addresses defined in 3 different zones, so I’m not going to cry about losing DNS for a while.

    I still need to boot my OSX server to a GUI, though, since I have other software to run, and I need to, you know, USE the server at some point in time.

  4. John Morrissey Says:

    Has anyone figured out the “Workaround Bonjour: Unknown error: 0″ error.

    why it happens? This results causes my AFP not to work (spining beach ball).
    I am able to access SMB, FTP and HTTP works fine.


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