saturday links

some known and some unknown OS X shortcuts and functions

rare good review of “idiocracy”

google movie reviews are actually kind of usefull. Just prepend your search with movie:

It looks like somebody is benefiting from Sony’s PS3 debakle: This is waiting dot com from the same people (person?) that brought the world Wii60. Wii60s tagline is that youshould buy a Nintendo Wii and a Xbox 360 instead of one Sony PS3. Cost would be probably the same. Of course neither Ninento nor Microsoft could sponsor such a site. Sony does through their actions. Why the site owner do it? Simple: Money. It’s an easy way to get traffic to host these things in time. And if that does not help then you add a little bit of search engine spam:
if you scroll down on this page then you see how that looks these days

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