“Office space” did not do that well in theaters 1999. It developed a following over time. Much like the Big Lebowski it created a culture of references that most big box office hits lack and probably also envy. It’s director made a second film called “Idiocracy”, and it opened last week. Yet, you probably have never heard of it. There is an uncommon reason for that. The Studio did zero PR on this movie. Something that never has been done by a Hollywood studio before. There are no trailers, no PR material, nothing. It opens in a couple of Cities, and Fox probably hopes that it is out of the Cinema’s before a Starbucks, Carls Junior or Costco lawyer sees it. It’s plot line is as thin as it can be, the visual effects are excellent B, no C movie class. Yet, I think it is worth watching. The best that could happen is that “Idiocracy” performs like “SOAP” was supposed to do. Maybe that would teach 20th Century Fox a lesson or two.

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