if this works it will end the ‘format war’

Toshiba and Memory Tech announce a HD-DVD / DVD disc

They call it ‘tripple layer’. It plays in DVD and in the new HD-DVD players. Which is the end of the usual chicken and egg drama with new formats: Not enough players, not enough discs. And it finally respects the consumers.

Every launch of new technology pretends as if people have nothing in their home. Just empty shelf space to fill with their products. With a DVD/HD-DVD combo disc there would be room for a transition. If the Studios would release movies on these combo discs and would not charge more for it, then the format war would be over, and everybody, including Hollywood would be happy.

Technically it is not possible for Blu-Ray to pull this stunt. Given the impact that this would have if executed right it is very surprising how the HD-DVD could take so long to get going on this.

Update: Arc Technica has the better view on this matter.

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