Universal: no blu-ray

Universal retracts support for retates it is not supporting blu-ray

And so it begins to tip and slide. People said generally that Bluray had the upper hand in the beginning of this format war. It certainly is no ‘war’, since nobody cares. But it looks like Blu-Ray’s chances of getting the market are slimming down quickly. It’s not at the tipping poing yet. But it might happen quicker than Sony wants.

This kind of press puts even bigger pressure on the PS3. Not that it could deal with the current level. I have not seen an announcement that production has begun. Two months left to launch, and nobody has ever seen a PS3 how it would be sold. Just design mockups and Blu-Ray players.

update 9/24/06: it seems that this news item was kind of a press stunt: Universal never backed Blu-ray in the first place. They just said again they would not do it.

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  1. scottt Says:

    Meanwhile, on the western front :

    Triple Standard DVD

    As for the PS3, I think that it’s interesting to note that the Nintendo DS is more successful than the PSP (despite the PSP being arguably better tech..) purely because the games are better - it’s the content that makes the device more than the tech spec.

    Also worthy of note is the dismal failure of UMD movies - what is odd to me is that given what this says about the demand for this type of portable media why the hell does anyone expect people to start watching movies on their cellphones? I’m watching Apmd to see what happens :

    Ampd Mobile

    To me this is similar to the Sony watchman-esque 2 inch LCD TV’s of the early 80’s - the only people that I saw using them were sports fans watching instant replays of the game that they were physically at, and the guy that worked in the parking lot ticket booth.

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