Breakfirst at Shutters

Sitting on a patio, view on to the Pacific. I am rarely more than a few miles away from the Ocean when I am in LA. Still, I never see it. Being first I had time to watch the people. Mid aged men, fresh haircuts, overweight, just not enough to risk their marriage, blue shirts and khaki pants. It seemed hard to believe, but none of them seem to have something to do with the others. It was not a convention of one blue shirted company. It’s just what the average person looks like that has Breakfirst at Shutters in Santa Monica. All of them, no execption, have Blackberries. Or is it, that the Blackberries just pick a host that is blue shirted and khaki panted? They have them, and they use them. Constantly.

Interesting glimpse into a strange world it was.

The food is overpriced and not that good.
The view (of the ocean) is. As is the Ocean.
Might try to see it again in a month or so.

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