confessions of a dangerous mind

Watched Confessions of a dangerous Mind. Part of my catching up program. I need to fill up a couple of years of movie history. DVD’s are how people will judge a movie. It’s too bad if the movie falls technically apart on the media that it will be remembered from. There are lots of little gem’s in this show. It is very sad that the DI of the 40s flash back scenes falls entirely apart in it’s DVD rendering. Very likely much more a technical than a creative problem. It may even have looked interesting on film. The DVD however revealed a sole posterize orgy of 3 colors in those crucial scenes. A bit more care during post could have gone a long way here. This is especially sad since the attention to detail is so amazing in the rest of the movie. And it would have been pretty easy to avoid a mistake that takes you out of the movie for no good reason before it really gets started. Maybe Disney will go back to the original negative for the Blu-Ray or HD-DVD Version. Yeah, right.
If they can find it.

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