This weeks it’s trying to blame 9/11 on Clinton. Last week it was the rejection of the Geneva Convention. What it is ? Voter mobilisation attempts for the hard right wing people. Nobody votes in America. So if you get a core group ralied up enough to move their overweight asses of the couch and go to the polls then you win.

Karl Rove knows how to get those asses moving. He did so in 2004 with the gay marriage issue. A couple hundred thousand people went to vote against Soddom and Gommorah, and the whole country get another four years of the most incompetent administration it ever had. And, yes, once upon a time a guy called ‘tricky Dick’ ran the greatest country on earth. Still, the current regime tops it all.

Back to Mr Rove. He actually likes it, if people start a discussion. About Torture for instance. If he can get those people of their couches, because they think otherwise all of Al-Quaida get’s a free Disney Cruise as punishment than he want. He knows all to well that there is no way of convincing that large part of the population that his written off this President and his gang of Clowns. As long Rove’s people get rallied up enough to vote he wins. That’s why they roll poor Mr. Clinton out: The right wing voter base hates him. Still does, and by trying to tag 9/11 on him they try to brush over the little Iraq debacle.

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