Aperture 1.5

Aperture 1.5
Finally it can deal with images that it has NOT ingested into it’s own ‘vault’ system.
Took Discreet Autodesk Advanced Media Division years to figure that out for moving images.
Apple was faster, but started with the 1.0 Version in the wrong direction nevertheless. Apple is very very secretive with their product developement. Great if you want to fill the pockets of the world population with mp3 players. Not so great in the pro Application space: People making their living with and around a software will give you very very good quality feedback, information and direction. If you set up a couple of coders and mad scientists in a lab, and let them boil in their own juice for a while, you get something interesting. But also something that more often than not will not fit into the real world. Like Apertures file handling.

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