how to mess up your weekend

Went and saw “flyboys”. Bad movie. Boring movie. Aces high I remember more vividly than the flick I endured yesterday. It has been more than twenty years ago since I Jack Gold’s ww1 movie.

The effects where mostly mixed. A couple of interesting yet subtle transitions. Comps were partially horrible. Smoke plumes comic like. The dog fight sequences, and there were lots, were executed alright from the fx side. Just that they did not work as a sequence, story or something that seemed worth following. No sense for dramatic guidance. They should have rented the original Star Wars movie. Or watched a couple of people play a video game for that matter.

Then I thought I transfer 2GB of memory from my glove box into one of my servers. I shut down the machine, put in the memory and turned it back on. Just that mysql decided that it’s tables were corrupted. Those had been growing over time. After 24 hours of constant fix attempts I gave up, and hit the reset button. Twenty million blogs down the drain. Again.

On top of that it turned out that it seems not to have been the disk that failed in the spanking new Nas server. In midst of a three Terrabyte transfer the unit became ‘DEGRADED’ again at the same position. A rebuild takes a couple of hours. Tomorrow morning I know better if it is the sled or the connection.

Summary: too much data, not enough content.

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