Conceptually it was a well intended follow up: Sony’s Bravia commercial using exploding paint instead of many balls.

Execution wise there certainly are amazing explosions. There are few good camera angles. But most of them are, well, uninspired. The idea of using an abandoned housing project is interesting. Somewhat. I have just seen to many of them being blown up. Somehow you expect them to sink together once they become the object of the camera. But it was not this non delivering on the expectation that broke the spot. It was the unispired music choice together with that I call dismal editing. I can only write this, since I have not looked up yet who did it. It’s easier that way. And I am sure it was the usual clusterfuck of decission making or pure lack therof that pushed this brilliant idea of a follow up into the lower ends of mediocricy. The sport lives from the real Bravia. Not more, not less. A typical sequell that can’t deliver. Too bad they blew it.

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  1. scottt Says:

    I thought that the ‘making of’ was the more interesting.
    I also enjoy the irony of a commercial that highlights the smaller colour gamut of the device being sold compared to the CRT that I’m watching it on…

  2. Andreas Says:

    Yes, the ‘making of’ being part1, today being part2 Johnathan Glazer will certainly finish this trilogy tomorrow with all the visual excitement that comes from watching paint dry.

    My daughter liked it, but watched it the last 4 out of 5 times with the fwd button pressed down in quicktime. It turns out that it runs at double speed and is a bit more bearable that way. Learning from a six year: priceless.

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