run - obama - run

The Republicans assured that the US had the worst possible start into the century. Unfortunately people like Kerry and Kennedy are not exactly inspiring. But now Barack Obama considers to run . Perfect. I only heard him speak once. But he can talk. The next thing I could wish for is a campaign that would cut through all that mess. If only 5% of the people wake up and become active for what they care for that would already be enough to get some leadership back in the Whitehouse.

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  1. scottt Says:

    While the liberal left may be ready for the first black president (Obama) or the first woman president (Ms Clinton) the fact remains that it is the conservative christian right that seems to be better at voting. I read somewhere (but never verified..) that more Americans voted for American Idol than voted in the last presidential election - this would correlate nicely with the FCC lobbying stats. It would appear that as long as the christian right is busy putting the fun back in fundamental and the liberals merely reserving their right to complain then not much is going to change.

    Having said that, there are moments that seem to give hope - search YouTube for Keith Olberman and you’ll find some scathing commentary that actually appeared on TV in the US - albeit cable.

    Overall it kinda makes me feel like crazy people are more inclined to vote and lobby than the rest of us.

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