Karl -you suck- Rove

A few weeks ago Karl Rove claimed that he was in ownership of the math. According to that he predicted a clear win of Senate and House for the Republicans. Somehow that did not happen. In 2004 the two biggest problems for the Democrats seem to be Kerry and that he opens his mouth and the myth of Karl Rove being able to mass mail always enough people to the polls making them believe that there are two choices: vote republican or Sodom & Gommorrah.

Since Mr Rove messed with so many people and was instrumental in keeping an administration in power that was clearly on the wrong track all the time it is only fair to dwell for a short time in glutony on his defeat. He was the one supposedly having ‘delivered’ elections. Not this time.

Mr. Rove: your math, even though you might think it is ‘the’ math, does not add up. Faith based math never engineered an airplane or anything that worked for that matter. Fundamentalism and it’s ignorance towards science never worked. If it appears to,, than it’s because there is real math and engineering going on behind the scenes.

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