ps3: it does exist

somebody in Japan opening a PS3

I thought this day would be much further away, and I was wrong. Sony ships the PS3. In small quantities, but they apparently got the thing to work. And it looks shiny, is supposed to very silent as well. Object of desire this christmas. The eBay prices will probably be crazy. More demand as supply.

I still don’t think that PS3 can repeat the success that PS2 had:

  1. PCs are bound to become the premium gaming environment. Their technology gets upgraded constantly. A gaming console is locked inn its feature parameters for a couple of years
  2. PS3 has to compete with PS2 as well as with Wii and Xbox 360
  3. Even though the hardware could be the perfect living room hub it is unlikely to happen: Sony showed with the PSP how they are able to strangle a great hardware concept by plain stupid software implementations
  4. HD DVD formats have a tough time getting the traction that their technology might deserve

Here the manual for PS3.

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  1. Duane Storey Says:

    I’m skeptical too. However, the PS3 *does* seem like a pretty cool invention. If people can afford the $500 or so, they get a blue-ray DVD player (the current HD dvd players in Canada are all around $1000, so right away that’s a bonus), and in theory, they can play PS2/PS1 games as well.

    But, this whole blue-ray/HDDVD thing is a pain in the butt, and because of it I almost want Sony to fail.

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