larger than life

Some things are so odd, weird, strange and yet predictable, you simply can not make them up:

Microsoft launches two products right now. “Vista” and “Zune”.
they migh have trouble working together

In case you don’t trust a site called “appleinsider” to break news about Microsoft products, here it is from the the horses mouth

OJ can stand for the juice of oranges or for a strange man, that had an even stranger run in with the legal system.

Youtube has now attorneys. And apparently they are bored.

top 10 spammers are supposed to create
80% of all spam
I guess that each dollar a spammer makes costs around 10,000 US$ in damages. It might be good for the world, if these individuals would be prevented to use computers. Maybe a few companies get together and make sure that the top 10 spammers are always being caught?

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