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Sony and Ericsson embark on getting us the TV watch again. That’s right, now that the PS3 obviously exists I have to find something else to hit over Sonys wide head. I think that the recent Nielsen Study makes allot os sense. There is just not much content that you want to watch on a tiny little device like an iPod or Zune for that matter. Microsoft hopes that the later one, being much better equiped for video, will benefit from a new usage pattern. I doubt it will be huge. I could see sports fans wanting to watch certain highlights when they actually happen. Or just around that time. But it needs to be easy and cheap.

Yet, I am hardly the average target group: this watch is not geeky to me. My geek watch would read 1164342294 right now. That’s the number of seconds since January first 1970. And yes being a real geek watch it would roll over when 32 bits are exhausted to express this in January 19, 2038.

The Washington post had a look at the Wii and the PS3. Makes allot of sense what they are writing. PS3 is pretty, but Wii has the better ‘fun factor’ for non hard core gamers it seems. I really wonder if people will get fitter, now that they will play standing. Will we see xbox and ps3 with Wii like controllers? technically that should be feasible. Guitar hero on PS2 was hugely sucessful and came with a guitar. Maybe there will be games for Xbox 360 that include it’s own set of Wii like controllers? Maybe Nokia comes out with a cellphone that does use the motion sensor not to write stupid message. Or, wait, can’t I use the motion sensor in my laptop? That’s actually a game I did not get around to write: The virtual Brio Labyrinth. try to get that ball around the parcour by juggling your laptop.
2 people could compete. It’s not that we not having ideas …

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