flash video sucks

yeah, yeah,

youtube. Everybody talked about all that money g paid for it.
Next one on the list of things to mention is the ample amount of content.
And then -of course- people mumble about DRM. Lawsuits. All that stuff journalists like to write about.

But, did anybody ever look at it???

It looks like shit - curtesy Flash video. 95% install base made this format an instant winner.
And it still looks like shit. When MTV appeared it at least had the same TV quality than the rest.
The sad part is, that it seems to be good enough. People don’t seem to mind.

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  1. Oliver Busch Says:

    Actually, Flash video before Flash 8 sucks.
    The codec they’re using now (On2 VP6.x) is looking really, really good, in the same ballpark as H.264 etc. Unfortunately almost nobody is using it, at least not the big guys.

    My 2 (Euro)cents :)

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