kpn sucks

The dutch are very nice people. They telco “kpn” however sucks. Sucks. As, to be precise. They have hotspots. That would be cool. They ride on this craze that you have to pay money for wifi. OK. That usually is a bad idea, as long as companies want this privilige exclusively. The KPN login screen is the most obscure login form I have encountered. Keys are being remapped. Worst of all: In Firefox on OS X you are prompted with a blank screen when you credit card info is supposed to go through. Nothing happened. For minutes. I then tried Safari, which was pretending to work. Of course new windows popped up and all that other javascript nonsense was still there. After fifteen minutes KPN then charged the firefox trans action it seemed, even though the firfox window never showed a page. So now I spend twice as much for a crappy connection.

I hope that we get quickly to the phase where there will be competitng systems for wifi access everywhere. That would take care of a cheap and stupid hack like KPNs wifi access within weeks.

A little bit later I at least could use the KPN hot spot extra minutes that they shoved down my throat and took my money for while waiting for the 747 to get ready. I thought I keep some minutes for later. But they managed for they pop up that allows you to logout not to show up when you use the wifi at the airport. Worked in the hotel. Once you have a bunch of looser code something it really all starts to suck. What a poor showing. I simple have to use up the extra KPN minutes now. It’s only a couple of Euros. But still a rip off. It’s a rip by stupidity, not even intended. KPN is clueless about what they are offering. They fell for a moron coder, and they have no way of telling, since they never use their own product and ignore customer feedback.

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  1. Nepe Says:

    Totally agree. KPN is large company. You might lucky and talk to someone who knows tricks and workarounds for their own system. The thing is that all their system and devices are outdated and most of experts are dull.

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