he is dead, alright

Crispen Porter and DD camp out in the uncanny valley

some better coverage at stash.tv

If I would be Michael Bay I would be worried.

Here how people reacted to it:
(random, unbiased sampling, there simple was no single positive voice, except of the the press release that the makers pushed)

just creepy
it doesn’t get more unoriginal than this lifeless horror sequel
To me, it looks more like Dana Carvey made up to look like an old man.
“kinda creepy” doesn’t do a thing for my appetite
It’s a desiccated undead zombie-mummy in a bowtie, and it will steal your soul.
.This is so horrifying, it makes me want to hide under my desk
It was so completely believable that I threw out all our popcorn so that zombie Orville wouldn’t tempted to visit.

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