sprint evdo with OS X

ah, the wonders of technology:

EVDO has been around for a little while. Verizon was first, now there is also Sprint. Which has supposed to have the faster Rev.A variant. Without having a voice account with either Sprint runs at 60 while Verizon is 80. Unfortunately Mac OS X support is much smoother better (as in existing) for Verizon. Enter: The internet. And a bit of google.

I decided to get the Sprint USB modem called Ovation U720. Since in all cases there is something sticking out of the laptop I might as well have something that runs on all my laptops. The first nice surprise was that the person in the store told me outright that Mac support is not existing right now. I like that kind of honesty much more than the usual “yeah-yeah” attitude that sells things that then cause troubles and head aches.

I installed the software from the CD onto a PC that was flying around. It took a while, and I realised that PC installers are still the same eye soar that they used to be. After clicking through all the defaults, ignoring a couple of stuck progress bars and all that it the device was activated. The booklet that comes with it talked about calling some phone number. Was not needed in my case. I already had received the 6 digit lock code and the 2 phone number like mon and msid numbers from the sales person at sprint. It took a while, failed here and there, and then said it had activated the connection. Claiming that it would be ready in 4 hours to use. Of course nobody can wait that long. Clicking again on the icon showed me that the USB modem indeed was happily connecting to sprint.

I downloaded the novatel720.dmg.zip (here it’s on my server: http://www.andreaswacker.com/Novatel720.dmg.zip ) and installed it. Rebooted,
and entered the info as outlined in this forum

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