not that easy

March 11, and the spring-forward Daylight Savings Times goes into effect earlier. Right now (0:11am pacific) my properly updated OS X 10.4.8 dashboard is showing the time for central europe 1 hour to early. Which is amusing since Apple did indeed update it’s operating system. The change in DST was initiated in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Four weeks more time shift. It might be that the upcoming confusion next week is more costly for the economy than those hours of sunlight during peoples waking hours save resources and therfor money.

The underlying systems, servers and services will do just fine with the change. We still have 31 years left to fix all the equipment that has a sense of time.

Looking in my crystal ball after it’s DST confusion has cleared up, I see allot of bad software working oddly. Millions of people shrugging their shoulder because their computers time is now off by one hour. Corporate support desks will have a busy monday. It’s really bad software and the interaction with human readable time where the change might cause troubles.

As crazy as it is, some people just buy a new computer next week, one that shows the time correctly. And of course there will be poster child snafus that the media will be all over. Some big corporation loosing millions because of a weird cascade of events, triggered by a pointless law.

I would be very surprised if this years DST change would go as smooth and seamless as the last ten did.

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