this could be big

I hope that the people at Autonet Mobile were so smart to just put an EVDO card into a box and share it with via wifi. If they do it as simple as that, then they could be up to something. If it works as simple as it could in this design, and if they do a halfway decent job in marketing etc then they could be huge: They don’t care about content. No expensive birds. Just a quick little hardware hack. Sprint and Verizon will try to get their own boxes out, once they get it. Why they didn’t offer this in the first place? Well, croporate stupidity and ignorance has no limits I guess.

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  1. scottt Says:

    Stompbox has been around for a while :

    I imagine that the cellcos feel the same way about this as the cable / dsl ISP’s felt about home routers and WiFi back in the day…

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