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A comparison of a twenty year old computer with a recent one. And it does support what I felt all along. But this is only half of the story: Computers became what they are because we wanted them that way. People kept buying more Mhz, and decided for the OS with more features. But while what’s called a ‘PC’ ballooned in it’s technical specs there was maybe a gap left below that nobody seems to care about. What about a machine that does web browsing, text editing and digital photo management really well. I would argue that the hardware would cost not more than 100 to 150 US$. Getting the apps right and the OS out of the way is a little bit harder. But it’s possible. “One-Upping” this imaginary concept by one notch and it seems even to be more attractive: Don’t sell the machine. give it to people that sign up for an internet connection with you. Lot’s of ISPs want to get more clients, but are unable themselves to get such a concept working. Really working means to make it work like the iPod worked. The machines are cheap, people would sign up to have them technically monitored remotely. Lot’s of things can be done. There are ample possibilities from here: Sell people computers that are locked down so that their kids can use them. Sell people media access, like music or videos, if that should be a market. This might be the right personal computer for real life persons. The other stuff didn’t really work for many people.

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