Interdubs: now with public website

Finally I got around to make a public website for Interdubs. It was an interesting experience to condense the essence of a sucessful and working system into a couple of pages. Good thing is that it can be changed and altered. I decided to link to sites of competing services. Those that I know about. Being able to do so is one of the joys of running your own business: I doubt that such a move would have made it any commitee. I want to believe that I work in a world where people can decide what’s good and what is not. I have no fear to that click on a link of a different service and then fall in love with it and sign up over there. If they should do so, then Interdubs should not be around anyway. Well, it is. And with 11,968 files right now it seems to be going strong. I decided to put total file count inside of interdubs also on the outside. It’s my job to grow the service. And I certainly don’t feel doing so clandestine.

Next Stop: Press work and iPhone version.

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