iOhne in the old country

So that Apple Phone works in europe. Choice of 4 providers pop up on the screen. Of course it’s not that easy to find out how much roaming charges they will be added to the bill. Running the iOhne on wifi only is not possible.

Everybody who chews back Apple’s PR mantra that the thing ‘runs OS X’ must be seriously on drugs or has no idea what an OS actually is. It might be that some of the iOhne code started life in some OS X libraries and routines. But calling it ‘OS X’ would be calling a radio flyer kids toy a Fire Engine. Just because they have both four wheels and come in red.

Only if should there ever be an SDK that allows the creation of standalone iOhne applications one will know better how much OS X and the phones software are alike.

I started to use the iPhone nano again, which works much better as an iPod. It will for instance play another podcast, after one has finished. Imagine that. The iPhone can not.

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