apple, a rotten one

So, the iOhne does not have an SDK. Instead one has to write safari web pages. Sucks, is lame. But I can live with that. Writing webpages is pretty much what I do all day. Main official cool-aid soaked argument for the lack of SDK was security.
Now somebody claims to have hacked the iOhne. In that hack they seem to have access to allot of data. It would be nice if legal and above uses would have access to that data. Maybe you can even hack to get access to the “note pad” application on that thing. Because right now the info stored in there does not go anywhere.

What revs me up about this is Apple’s arrogance on these matters. They just claim that iOhne is perfect. While it’s pretty much a version 0.5. Getting away with lying is nothing that gets my sympathy. I don’t care if it’s Apple, Microsoft or AT&T. Or the current administration. It is very wasteful to spread wrong information. Specially doing so knowingly.

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