But that’s there Osama is!

Obama wants to go to Pakistan to fight Terrorists! Is he crazy? That’s where they actually are. Doesn’t he understand that the right strategy is to concquer a country a couple of thousand miles east, because. Well, because. Ah, yes, because it’s a family tradition or something. Next thing this crazy man might do is to prevent the since 2002 booming heroin industry in Afghanistan from growing any further. Doesn’t he understand that the solution is to sell more weapon systems to the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia. That very strategy that gave the Iran those lovely F14s. We certainly need more than that. And does he understand that that “Roadmap to Peace” by Mr B. was the hugest success. I mean, Israel is more peaceful than ever, right?

It feels somewhat orwellian to revisit phrases like “Coalition of the Willing” “last throes” or “roadmap to peace”, it all started with “compassionate conservatism” I believe.

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