iPhone data roam shock

The iPhone worked in Germany. Which is good. I was worried about roaming charges, so I left it off most of the time. But during four days I was out of reach of any wifi network, and Vodafone’s data network did work. It was painfully slow, hardly hardly usable. I checked my email during those four days. Maybe 8 times in total. Now I returned and got the bill: 358.18 US$ in data transfer charges. The roaming cost for data transfers comes down to almost twenty dollars per Megabyte! Imagine the connection would be faster. I certainly wanted always to pay a hundred dollars to watch a youTube movie. Can be done easily.

I am not very pleased how big corporation error on side of blatant rip off. Almost 400 US$ for checking my email a couple of times. Finding out what those roaming charges would be on the website of AT&T? Good luck. That’s impossible. I should have called them. Would only take ten to fifteen minutes of voice mail hell to find out I would guess.

So if you are abroad: DO NOT use the iPhones data mode. Twenty dollars a Megabyte is steep.

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