September 30th, 2007

That whole ‘think different’ campaign:

had to come out and haunt them. Once they stopped doing so, and sold their image to peddle some ringtones. Apple is just like AT&T or Exxon Mobile for that matter. They all are just trying to make as much money as they can.

permanently damaged software???

September 25th, 2007

“Apple has discovered that many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software, which will likely result in the modified iPhone becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone software update is installed,?

Now, how stupid Apple thinks people are?? Permanently damaged software? Excuse me? Yes you can paint yourself into a corner and a device might be unable start when you mess
with it’s boot software for instance. But you can not permanently damage software. That’s like suggesting the letter ‘e’ got damaged and can no longer be used. That’s just plain stupid. Or marketing via FUD. Only companies on the loosing slope resort to FUD. Nobody has ever recovered to prosperity via FUD. With AAPL trading at a stagering 150 US$ I wonder why Apple things they have to sling some bullshit like that. Probably since they always did so. Apple has always operated on ‘bended truths’. Anybody remember how the PowerPC is just so much faster than those Intel CPUs?

callwave and EVDO

September 24th, 2007

Callwave and EVDO are certainly my best technological friends: Getting of a plane, in the hotel room, there would be an ethernet, but why bother? EVDO works. Even here. Then there is a voicemail from somebody that called while I was on the plane. The automatic transrcipt gives me an idea, the company that called shows up, and best of all, all those call back numbers are transrcibed right there. If the iPhone could maybe read a phone number with it’s camera and then dial it, we would be in good shape.

about those two years

September 20th, 2007

So, my iPhone fell down. And the ‘volume up’ button got stuck. Bad luck. Then Apple lowered the price and the 4GB Version gets sold for 299 right now. So I thought I get a new one. I asked in the Apple store if I would need to renew my contract to activate the new iPhone. They said this would not be necessary. They said that I just would need to replace the SIM card from the old to the new phone.

Of course that is not the case. Calling Apple got me the answer that AT&T would be responsible for this. Well, it’s not me that did choose AT&T. It was Apple that did that for me. Calling AT&T they told me that the only way to activate the new iPhone is to restart the two year commitment with them.

By now I really hate both companies for their blatant ways of trying to rip people off. Even though they seem to win this time, I will make god damn sure that they will not come out of this on the upperhand in the long term. They neither can run nor hide, and I will get both of them. With interest, and fun-bonus. They deserve it for been taking for a ride, as they try to do it with their customers.


September 18th, 2007

Suddenly the NYTimes regained her relevance again. They could have done it all the, and become really great, but the very same corpo-idiots that tried to charge for the normal page think that there is subscription revenue in the years 1922-1986. Idiots. Idiots at the NYTimes. What a funny thought.

actually, this is brilliant

September 16th, 2007

All good ideas are simple. Like this one. You create a page or a site. Right there. Just write some text, maybe or maybe not add formating. And that’s that. Very nicely done. Now go and play with Jottit.

another missing google feature

September 16th, 2007

Google does a great job in keeping an index of those internets. Despite some obstacles. One of them being that two different things can share the same name or label. IMDB deals with it, by adding roman numerals after peoples names.

Google has done little to use it’s dominance to establish semantic additions ot the internet’s structure. Actually it should, as long as it never makes any moves to lock it’s competition (which, ahem, would be who exactly at this point?) that would be broadly welcome.

If a specific term would be used for two or more different things, then Google could allow the registration of a disambigiotion (sp?) string. An example: My name gets used for a couple of people. We really have nothing to do with each other. Mostly the case for people with the same name.
There is only one search result. If I could go and register one variation that I would ad as an invisible comment in html pages about me, then google -or any search engine for that matter- would be able to clearly seperate the indexes for all those possible results. Wikipedia deals quiet
well with this issue for instance. While search engines usually don’t.


September 16th, 2007

I have no idea how I came about to find this site devoted to the Scanimate System. I did order both DVDs and am very happy to have done so: They give a very interesting peek into the technology, art etc of those times. Who knew that I would find out eventually how all those apparently not hand drawn animations I saw on Sesame Street were done.

slow with one point five GB

September 15th, 2007

So, my MacBook Pro has one and a half Gigabyte. Plenty, so I thought. After all I have been crusing those internets -and thats pretty much what I am doing with the machine- happily with 640MB a couple of years back.

Still, it started swapping. You can always tell: things get really slow, specially when switching back to firefox for instance. Activity monitor sure enough showed that dreaded almost all yellow circle with just a token line of green left.

Then I realised what had changed: I had re-enabled spotlight in /etc/hostconfig. Spotlight is a waste of many things: screen real estate, hope, memory, CPU cycles and mind space. I have never ever seen somebody use it happily in real life, or telling me: “I found my stuff again, thanks to Spotlight”. Good idea, ill implemented. To say the least. But wait, Apple can not make bad software. That’s impossible.

the worst thing I have seen in a while

September 13th, 2007

Lot’s of blog rave about thiscomputer animation right now.

I think it is horrible. Smetana is easy to abuse and misunderstand. Dragging Fallingwater into this is just horrible. The first couple of seconds of this Quicktime from hell are nice enough. Although the font choice and especially the animated glow should have been a clear sign of trouble. Fallingwater is one of the more important things that have been made in the last century. Seing it disolved to death is pure horror. The tasteless low point was certainly the eschereseque pan away from that mirror ball.

Not much more to say than this

Science allows for it’s demise

September 11th, 2007

This ‘news’ about generating energy from burning saltwater is ridicolous bullshit.

Here we are, using those internets, which are run on computers (just ask Homer) and other products of science to mock it’s very contents and basic laws.

Of course it is an extreme example. But the same principle seem to apply frequently: Those creationists should be consequent and stop using the products and merits of science. All of them. If they don’t like what science has discovered.

Two hundred years ago when people even in the more developed countries were dying left right and center on odd diseases and epidemics there simply was no question: Science was good. Now, that we are reaping all those benefits and so many of us have these careless existences some people think, that the current state of society and wellfare would just be ‘normal’, or god given.Well, it is not. The default is much much more grim. Over the last four hundred years people worked really really hard to make all this possible. It was not easy to harvest all this knowledge our econimies and factories run on. All these efforts were based on the absence of stupity. Now it seems as if some people start to take stupid stuff serious. Since it seems that they can afford to. People living in Rome two thousand years ago were in a similar position. Why would they care? Of all Shakespear plays I liked Coriolanus the least. Now that’s starting to change. Somehow I think that it’s message is not that off after all.


September 9th, 2007

How to hide an Airplane factory

I have this creeping feeling that -although everything seems to be more advanced than ever- certain things that people did back in the day seem to be impossible now.

Now on an more upbeat note: Check out the urban myth in the bottom of the images. As funny as it is, it actually links to a book. And that is really really exciting to me!
So, now people can reference passages in Books via links. There is quiet a bit of information in those things, called Books. Being able to reference this information is
huge. The average book has certainly more content, meaning, honesty and relevance than the average web page.

convert: Non-conforming drawing primitive definition `image’.

September 8th, 2007

ImageMagick is a nice collection of image manipulation routines. It’s free, and somehow it should be. It’s powerful, but also works and fails in miracolous ways. It just wasted twenty minutes. My Minutes. It would have taken the person writing the code probably 2 to make the error message a little bit more meaningful. To cut to the chase: When ImageMagick tells you:

convert: Non-conforming drawing primitive definition `image'.

then it’s probably only telling you that it can not open the image you like to draw. In plain command line that would be:

convert -size 700x500 xc:black -draw 'image Over 0,0 400,300 directory/image.jpg' output.jpg

This will fail. It turns out that ImageMagick needs to have a local file NOT with a path component. To sucessfully do what you wanted to do you would have to:

cd directory ; convert -size 700x500 xc:black -draw 'image Over 0,0 400,300 image.jpg' ../output.jpg ; cd ..

Possible, sure. But a hint like “can not open file directory/image.jpg” would have been nice. The best would be path support as suspected. It works everywhere else.

Of course it turned out that this is supposed to be a feature. In the end things start to work when you quote the filename, like in:

convert -size 700x500 xc:black -draw 'image Over 0,0 400,300 "directory/image.jpg"' output.jpg

Otherwise a filename like 123_3×4.jpg would also get you in trouble.

iPod touch compatible with Interdubs

September 5th, 2007

Good thing that the new iPod touch from Apple is compatible with Interdubs. Quiet a nice player for all those commercials being made that are hosted in Interdubs. And, upside: you get to see how things will look on this player from day one.

at&t is a waste of time

September 4th, 2007

So, trying to talk to AT&T about those outragous data charges is a complete waste of time. Their client service is as nightmarish as it always has been. I will now start telling Apple at all possible moments how badle AT&T sucks. After all, they forced me to deal with them. AT&T does not care. They never did, and will never. But Apple got where they are by caring. One would like to think.

monkey business

September 4th, 2007


The advantage with reading is, that you can do it without stuttering. What a shame that one of the better virals (a bad word in itself most of the time) has such a poor delivery and encoding. Flash still sucks. I hate that stupid stuttering effect. Quicktime used to do that as well. 1999.

born in 1989

September 3rd, 2007

Of course everybody has seen Miss South Carolina. Here she is a week later on TV Skip to 3:46 to find out what her future plans are. If she should ever work where I do, I will make sure to wear this.

Nothing wrong with stupid people. But when they start to be on TV or try to do jobs that they are not fit for (like Prez) then they are a problem.

usb necktie cooler

September 3rd, 2007

innovation has no limits

out there

September 2nd, 2007

Voyager still has contact with earth.

It looks like there is all sorts of stuff flying arond out there.

The other day I saw an image of the Pioneer Plaque and wondered if Nasa would be free to send almost authentical depections of naked people into space these days.

I thought this day would never come

September 1st, 2007

NAB 2006 Red announced a new camera, and I wrote that it would never be a reality. Well, not quiet that, but I thought it would not go anywhere. I was wrong. Cameras up to serial number 25 have been shipped and there are an amazing number of orders. Fxguide has anice article about the delivery of Red Camera #22.

I find it very impressive that a couple of dedicated people were able to pull this off. The deadlines announced during the launch of the brand did slip. But keeping those would have been a miracle. It seems that the way RED handled the delay and other modification to their initial plans was what saved the day. People are still happy and excited about the device.

Now comes the interesting part: How will the images intergrate. How much of difference does the real life existence of the RED camera actually make.

Of course I can not resist to follow a failed prophecy with another one: It’s not gonna change that much. It’s not only the camera that makes a movie a movie.


September 1st, 2007

Interdubs hit another milestone: I just pushed code update number 500. One of the beauties of an internet application that you host is that the code can be changed easily. All clients always run the current version. Since all information of interdubs exists in a database it is pretty easy to update and change code. Users suggest things, and it is often quicker to just write the feature and see how it is been used. If it is not gets used then it will go away again. That is the other beauty of a web application: you can see exactly how people are using the application. When I develop the interdubs code I usually develop it in a test segment. Once it works, or at least I have convinced myself that it would, I publish or ‘push’ it all client segments. I wrote a little version control system for this, and one of the features is that it does count the updates that went live. And just now I did update number 500. Five hundred times I put my results out there to make Interdubs better. It’s fun. For me and for the people that use Interdubs. Seing your suggestions and ideas getting implemented is encouraging users to think what could be better. Most of what makes Interdubs so useful resulted from user feedback. I just put a platform out there that worked with what I thought would be good feature set to start with. The plan always was to develop Interdubs around the needs of the users. With thirteen different customers right now I get a very healthy mix of feature requests: The rule is that if two people from different companies ever asked for a feature or have a similar issue with an existing function the task instantly bubbles up in priority and gets done as quickly as possible. The other nice effect of those five hunderd updates is that new users have a much better time with backend interface then they used to a couple of months ago.

now there are 12,000 people with 20% obligations

September 1st, 2007

Back in the day it was widely mentioned that you had to spend 20% of your worktime at Google at an project that you personally care about and that is not directly your ‘day job’. Rumor has it that gmail got started that way. I could guess that the google earth flight simulator was such a thing. It must really really suck to work for Yahoo and having to observe how your competition runs circles around you.

On the other side people are guestimating that the average google employee gets up to half a thousand emails originating at google. A day. It is interesting to see how Google will do in the future. It’s history and application are truly unprecedented. It’s impact is quiet astonishing. My daughter, being 7, never was on the internet. Try to keep it that way for as many years as possible. But she is a curious person. The other day she wanted to know what I am doing. I explained that I added another internet server. She wanted to know how many I had and what they were used for. The next question she had after she heard me talk about my current and future setup was: “And Google, how many servers do they have?”.