another missing google feature

Google does a great job in keeping an index of those internets. Despite some obstacles. One of them being that two different things can share the same name or label. IMDB deals with it, by adding roman numerals after peoples names.

Google has done little to use it’s dominance to establish semantic additions ot the internet’s structure. Actually it should, as long as it never makes any moves to lock it’s competition (which, ahem, would be who exactly at this point?) that would be broadly welcome.

If a specific term would be used for two or more different things, then Google could allow the registration of a disambigiotion (sp?) string. An example: My name gets used for a couple of people. We really have nothing to do with each other. Mostly the case for people with the same name.
There is only one search result. If I could go and register one variation that I would ad as an invisible comment in html pages about me, then google -or any search engine for that matter- would be able to clearly seperate the indexes for all those possible results. Wikipedia deals quiet
well with this issue for instance. While search engines usually don’t.

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