those virtual worlds

19 months ago there was Leroy:
(Mr. Jenkins is acting out the essence of Mr Bush foreign policy here, with bigger success I might add)

a year ago some kid did this:

and now Toyota released a truck commerical playing in Wow:

A while back “Second Life” was all the craze. Journalists were mumbling about it. Endlessly. Companies were spending money to be in those virtual world. I think it’s one of these hollow stories that got too much attention despite a total lack of substance. As a journalist you felt all hip and trendy if you would do a piece about it. That’s why so many were done.

In the meantime there were millions (litteraly!) of people just hacking away on WoW. it’s what people do. Naturally ads do follow them. But the basic premise of WoW is not that it’s ‘an alternative reality’. It just seems to be a game that is fun to play for many people. Not enough news for journalists, unless it involves chinese gold farmers, but a pretty thick trend. And one that will continue.

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