ten point five

Apple launched Leopard, and sells two million copies of it so far. Not that they need the money right now. Their strategy of releasing frequent OS upgrades seems to work out. While there are issues in some areas (like the dock!!) there are other features and functionalities that sound really really good. I like those items that show that Apple is able to think about the entire system. At least in some points. Time Machine is a good example. Backups are a part of computer use. It is a good thing when the software that comes with your computer takes care of this. And if it’s easy and great to use then even better. Every Apple user that looses a hard drive but walks away unharmed will love OS X 10.5. Every Vista, XP user that looses data now might want to start over with an operating system where you can avoid it in the future. These simple truths take some time to trickle through to people. But they will. Same with remote support via iChat. I always told everybody in my family to get a Mac, so that I don’t have to support their Windows machines. Now I can help them even better. I am sure that this structure is very common. Whenever Apple understand such structures and builds solutions for then success will be immanent.

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