umask and uid for discreet flame

Autodesk aka Discreet Flame Flint Inferno applications run under irix or linux. Which is great. Unfortunately it is a long standing practise of those people in montreal to seperate different versions of their application by giving them a different user. Of course that’s just plain wrong and stupid. But if you pay north of 40,000 US$ for a single software seat you stop making reasonable demands. Discreet / AutoDesk does this since more than 14 years, why should they stop?

A couple of simple commands can fix the biggest issues with this. The first one is that each install creates a new user id. The fix is to edit /etc/passwd and give the new user a common id (100 in this example). We assume it was 101 for the new install. Running the following command as root:

find /usr/discreet/NEWLYINSTALLEDVERSION -user 101 -exec chown 100 {} \;

will fix the permissions.

Another annoyance is that they set the umask in the .cshrc of each login. If you run a couple of versions side by side it’s pretty tedious to fix these flags manually. The following does so for all installed versions.

Under Linux you can use sed for this:

cd /usr/discreet
sed -i.bak.umask "s/umask 002/umask 000/" */.cshrc

For Irix you would need to turn to perl:

cd /usr/discreet
perl -i.bak.umask -p -e "s/umask 002/umask 000/" */.cshrc

This will make the umask wide open for the user running flame or one of the other Discreet products. Some people might like that everybody can now delete
and overwrite files. Others don’t.

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