and of course it does not work

I am with my Bank since ten years. And I like them. They are small, and I am not inclined to give my money to Wamu or BoA.

Now they changed their online banking system. Or, let’s say they tried to. Problem is: it does not work. The instructions are poor and the idea of choosing from 16 animal images is pathetic. But the biggest problem is, that it simply does not work:

Usernames are required for login, however, username registration is currently unavailable.
We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you try again later.

And, of course, there is no email address to maybe tell them. Waiting till the sun rises over the US. Awaiting some interesting support conversations.

The range between broken and working on the internet is quiet huge I must say.
As is the range of problems facing. I am sure my Bank could be helped rather quickly with a person that could think for 3 minutes straight, but other problems seem to be more involved to me. Danger would ensue if the people “making” the software for my bank would have any say or influence on how the Internet does work.

Update: The system changed it’s mind and does now “work”. Which means that looking at my account takes now two minutes instead of 20 seconds. More time to get something to wipe away those tears that will fill my eyes …

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