42% faster than one quarter before

Today Interdubs crossed the 60,000 file mark. 83 days ago there where 40,000 files. Before that it took 118 days to go from 20,000 to 40,000. Interdubs grew 42% faster than in the quarter before. There are 25 official clients now that choose to be mentioned on the website. Interestingly, the support amount has actually gone down. Fixing every bug right away makes seems to let the total number go down. Most emails and calls are about new features and concepts. Since I often don’t get things right the first time, people have to make awesome suggestions how new features and concepts could be implemented better. I think that there is huge value in this kind of feedback. Users are used to things working efficientlly in interdubs. When something does not then they point me to it.

Being able to change the code in minutes and doing so frequently is one of the priceless concepts that are hard to imagine. But now I would never attempt to write software in any different way.

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