OS X 10.5: me likes

Installed 10.5 today. Actually 10.5.2. Needed a couple of reboots and installs. But it all seems to work rather well now. My crontab did not make it. Strange, but not the end of the world. The WWAN icon dissapeared from the menu bar. It turns out that you can add things to the menu bar by running them. They are located in:

/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu\ Extras/WWAN.menu

Other than that it has been pretty flawless. 10.5.2 seems to use less memory than than 10.4.11

The memory leak in ATSServer server seems to be gone as well. Yeah!

Overall it seems to be a very nice iteration. Somebody should put OS X 10.0,1,2,3,4 and now 5 side by side. That would be a very interesting example of design evolution. Apple did well in their upgrade concept in between major and minor releases.

My pet theory about Apple is this: Nothing major gets decided without “Steve”. Most of the mid size decissions are made based on “what would Steve say to this”.
Things that his Steve-ness is likely to use are finetuned and well honed. He probably have never a folder in the dock for instance. That “Fan mode” is simply ridicolous. Good thing it can be replaced with the “List” option now in 10.5.2. So on the good side we find: OS X, iPhone, probably Keynote (I would not know),
Safari, Finder (scrolls like butter) (<= Finder is good and bad. What S. uses works, but it’s still broken elsewhere)

Then there is the sad side of Apple: Unix in general (there are no tape devices. Yes, there are none. Go Figure!), OS X Server (joke, really, it is one) Pro Apps: Some are really nice,
but overall there has been very little innovation. Quicktime is bubbling features on the surface, Final Cut is not bad, Motion was neat, yet pointless, Color was thrown in for free, and Final Cut Server has not been released yet.

Apple should release the Pro Apps division out of their ridicolous communication strangulation and let it go on it’s own rules. People need Beta versions. They want to shape the product. Millions of dollars of peoples testing and feedback get wasted right now because Apple is unable to apply different commuincation rules for consumer products like iPhones versus applications like Shake. Idiotic. Not like Apple? Well, much like Apple. There is the dark side of the Apple. That’s the one that Steve’s light does not shine on. He should realize that, and give those divisions the room they need to grow. Sure Apple, Inc can afford not to do that. Apple, Inc can afford many things. Some of them might be pretty stupid. Like the way the ProApps division is been treated.

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  1. zeke Says:

    I’d judge by your comment, that you probably don’t use finalcut studio, or osx server very much. To say it is a “joke” is laughable. You state that quicktime, of all things, is “bubbling with features” !??! hahahhahaaa I mean really, I know quicktime has a few cool things, but I encourage you to try and dive a little deeper into the Pro apps… I think you’ll find that there is much more you can do with them, then you think..

    just my 2 cents ;)

  2. Andreas Wacker Says:

    Zeke, thanks for your comment. Quicktime disabled after effects renders because of DRM for a short while. That’s what I mean ‘bubbling with features’: Things get forced on top of the product.

    I agree that some of the Pro Apps, especially FCP, are pretty great. I do not think that I underestimate what could be done with Pro Apps I had a great time with them in the past.

    My point is and was that there is some great engineering in those applications. But that they suffer tremendously by having non-pro client relationship rules of engagement applied to them.

    Iin terms of OS X server I stand by statement that is a joke. I use it, and it serves me well, but only after I put a real unix server to its side to do all those things that are pathetically broken on the OS X server side.

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