Blu - wait two hundret fourty seconds - Ray

On Amazon some TV shows I wanted to buy are cheaper in Blu-Ray now than they are on DVD. So I got a Panasonic DMP-DB 60 player. When the disk is already in the player it takes 2 minutes before it starts playing. Then there are another 2 minutes of commercials that can not be skipped.

In other words on a good day I clean up 15 balls from a pool table faster than the time it takes between hitting play and starting to watch a DVD.

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  1. Victor DiMichina Says:

    I agree, but you actually have one of the fast ones. My Sony BDP-300 Blu Ray is known to be even slower than the Panasonic.

  2. wyatt Says:

    Take it back. Sony is coming out with PS3 slim very soon. You will have a faster/better blu-ray player with built in 120GB hard drive and video streaming all for $299.

  3. Andreas Wacker Says:

    good plan. Except for the fact that I have plasmas to feed on two continent. So the lamest of all players is probably gonna go there. $299 I can understand from Sony’s view. @ $249 it would be all over though.

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