“only takes a minute”

So I wrote a script that will save me a minute. I pretty much assumed that I wrote it, just because I like writing code, and this task was just something that fit into the timeslot before dinner. I chalked up the twenty minutes it took as wasted time. Others check Facebook, I write a script that can be done before the next thing on the schedule.

As i said this one will only save a minute. But it will do so every day. Still no big deal, I thought. But -funny as it goes- it finished it a minute early, so I came to realize that I will have saved six hours after a year. Yes, in my head it takes takes 60 seconds to compute 365 / 60. Anyway: after two years I get one more day in Hawaii. That’s actually not bad at all for something squeezed in before dinner.

It also gets to show how bad we are actually in estimating what the impact our actions is. I didn’t start out to save a work day in two years. I simply had twenty minutes to fill and a repeating task that could be sped up. Guess I got lucky. Again.

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