getting shells in the same path

January 31st, 2010

Often I work with a couple of shells simultaneously in the same directory. One may be the editor with a program in it, and the other one running it.
When I add the following lines to .bashrc

alias sd='pwd > /tmp/ddd'
alias d='cd `cat /tmp/ddd`; pwd'

I just need to type ’sd’ (for Set Directory) in a shell that is already in the right directory. When I then log in with the other shell a simple ‘d’ gets me where the other shell already is. Extra benefit: When I want to continue where I was last I just type ‘d’ again. Just a little thing. But the world is made out of little things. Lots and lots of them.

osx wrtg54 connection reset ssh

January 16th, 2010

When using via the wrtg54 ssh connections timed out after a while.
Which is was mildly annoying. The problem that with mildly annoying things is they are mildly annoying.
So one does not go and fix them soon enough. In this case it was terribly easy to cure errors like:

Read from remote host Connection reset by peer
Connection to closed.

All that it needed was to create a file called .ssh/config in the home directory and add something like these lines:

ServerAliveInterval 60
ServerAliveCountMax 5000

Nice that it didn’t require any changes on the other end.