ipad - apple is like microsoft now

wanting to check out a free application for the iPad I had to go through the following motion:

1) tapping in search of iTunes store makes it crash. No message whatsforever. Just vanishes.

2) wondering if that is related to the fact that there are pending updates, so doing those

3) iTunes Store still crashes tapping into search.

4) cold reboot fixes sudden store crash. Can locate the app.

5) trying to download I need to sign in. Fair enough.

6) trying to download, but something has changed with the CC. It has not, but hell if Apple thinks so.

7) trying to download, but NO I have to pick a a salutation

8) trying to download, but NO, the terms have changed and I have to agree to them.

9) trying to download a free app, and -imagine that- it does download. Less than 10 attempts! to get something simple going.

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